To help promote local emerging and original talent, and provide a taster of the Fringe Festival, our new series of live events the ‘Haslemere Fringe Sessions’ will be held on the first Saturday of each month.  The venue: Shottermill Club, ideally located close to Lion Green (the site of the main Haslemere Fringe Festival), and just a 15-minute walk from Haslemere Train Station.

To ensure that our events are accessible to all, we’ve kept costs to a minimum with tickets sold on the door at £5 and a discounted rate of £3 for members of the Shottermill Club.

Saturday 5th February

First Act 7pm, 4 live bands + DJ set to 1am


Local band SUBSETTERS, known for their hard-hitting energetic performances, mix influences of ska and reggae with indie rock music to define their own new genre ‘Skindie’. Their first album ‘Skindie Volume 1’ is now available on Spotify and all major streaming platforms.



Face the Wolves

Ethereal yet feral, Face The Wolves are a female-fronted electronic metalcore band emerging from the Guildford scene. Sonically comparable to the likes of Bring Me The Horizon, Architects and Sleep Token, they combine an expanse of synthesisers and textures with throbbing riffs and blast beats to concoct killer tracks.

Compositionally, the forefront of Face The Wolves’ sound has been cultivated by Serena Davidson; fronting the band as lead guitarist, vocalist and producer, she exudes the quintessential aura of a modern rock chic. Her overtly assertive stance and mesmerising tone contrasted with primal screaming paves the way for a brutal show.

Face the wolves


Sour Kix

Taking you on a ride with their infusion of anthemic pop and modern rock, Sour Kix are an energetic, female-fronted band, guaranteed to keep you entertained.

Their lead singer, Amelie, captivates audiences with her striking vocals and enthralling stage presence. Joined by her brothers Louis (guitar) and Ollie (drums) and closest friends Ed (bass) and Drizzy (guitar), Sour Kix provide a memorable performance with songs sure to be stuck in your head.



Eloise Carter

Singer-songwriter Eloise Carter, who fronts Haslemere band, ‘30 Degree Cycle’ will perform a solo set. Since the beginning, Eloise has brought members to rehearse, write and record in her parent’s laundry room, inspiring the name ‘30 Degree Cycle’. After moving to Southampton University, Eloise has been gigging acoustically all-over the South of the UK, as well playing gigs supported by the band, fusing indie-rock with folk. The band’s debut single, ‘Another Loud June’ is the embodiment of this and has featured on BBC Radio Solent.

“Eloise commands a stage with more confidence than I have seen people double, even triple her age manage. She brings a fun energy and playfulness vibe that you cannot help but fall in love with” – ‘Kiss of Beth’ Blog